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Gorgeous High Converting
Landscape Capture Pages
No HTML, programming or design skills needed.
Fast Set Up. Pages are LIVE and
ready to use seconds after login.
Use Multiple Capture Pages at the same time while building multiple lists.
Begin Advertising your Capture Page getting leads in minutes.
Blank Editable Capture Pages. Say what you want, when you want.
Redirect Capture Pages to any web site you choose.
New Page Added Each Month to keep conversions high.
Plug in your own auto responder keeping your list private and protected.
Video Editable. Even add videos to your capture pages.

Q.) Do you mean to tell me that if I order right now today that I can get all these capture pages with no hosting fees, no monthly fees and no annual fees?
That's exactly right. Take action today and you'll get access to dozens of capture pages that you can use to sell anything, no matter what product or service you offer.

Q.) What are capture pages?
They are web pages like any other, only these pages have the specific job of collecting data from your prospect using a web form installed on a web page.

Q.) What do capture pages allow me to do?
They allow you to capture your prospects information prior to offering anything for sale. This way you can build a list of contacts for future follow up, promotions, specials etc. with all interested parties vs. hoping somebody buys when sharing your main web site once.

Q.) Why is that good?
In most cases, (80% of the time or more) your prospect will not buy during the first introduction of your product. Since this happens, by collecting data first, you'll still have their contact information for following up.

Q.) I like to try and make the sale immediately when I contact my prospect, I rarely follow up and I still do ok, so what is the point?
Following up is required for at least 80% of the sales you can expect to make. If you're not following up, or not as much as you should, you're leaving large profits behind. Following up 1X1 does work, but it is tedious. Start following up digitally and you can expect an 80% increase in sales. You can make a lot more money working less than you are now using a capture page and auto responder.

Q.) How will I use these capture pages?
Pick a capture page that coincides with your offer or use the editable capture pages to say whatever you want. Trick: Most top marketers pick an affiliate program to sell up front to get the leads, make commissions, then later on offer their primary deal. Fast Capture Pages helps you do just that.

Q.) What's the BIG difference in the pre built pages?
The biggest difference is their simplicity and that's what causes them to work. They stimulate, shock and excite your prospects into opting in, building your list larger, faster.

Q.) Why these capture pages?
Many spend money for capture pages that are unimpressive, bland and just plain don't work. When spending advertising dollars you want the maximum effect. These pages have powerful videos and loud projecting audio's that get attention and that attention turns into leads.

Q.) Can I use these pages to promote any business I have?
Yes, no matter what kind of business, product or service you have.

Q.) What kind of products can be sold using these capture pages?
The list is unlimited.

Q.) Is this a good deal?
One effective capture page alone is worth $29.95 each month for any person lucky enough to get one. They usually don't and still pay $29.95 a month and more. That's $359.40 per year for just 1 page. Here you get more than 4 dozen. An $8,625.60 VALUE!! All just $49.95 to start and $25 a month. And right now during our special offer you pay only $117 one time.

Q.) Which auto responders can I plug in.
Widely popular Aweber and Getresponse used by top internet marketers coast to coast.

Q.) How does it work?
Step #1 Choose your Capture Page.
Step #2 Connect your follow up system.
Step #3 Place Ads!

Q.) Is there an Auto Responder Included?
Yes, however we highly recommend you plug in your own private auto responder for long term success and privacy.

Q.) Are there any Blank Editable Capture Pages?
Yes! Just use the easy WYSIWYG and say what you want, when you want and be up and running in minutes.

Q.) Is there an affiliate program?
As an added bonus when you join Fast Capture Pages you automatically become affiliated with our system so you can earn commissions.

Q.) What methods of payment are accepted for this product?
At present, Paypal.

Q.) What if I've never used these tools before?
We have step by step instructions. Easy to Set Up.

Q.) This all sounds good but how will I advertise these pages?
Inside our members area we have many advertising methods to choose from.


YES it's true! An effective capture page and auto responder can be as powerful as 20,000 DIGITAL SALES REPS selling product on your behalf while you sleep. You can do far more, in far less time, with a persuasive capture page and auto responder. Artfully share with each prospect everything they would like to know, priming your offer to be looked at by 1000's of viewers who would otherwise never take a second look.

GET READY to watch all the feet being removed from the mouths of those who questioned your judgment when you told them you started a new venture.

GET READY to hear a spouse that finally has to say "You were right honey! This business was the best thing that ever happened to us just like you said it would be (And you won't even say "I told you so!" because you know they know you did.

GET READY to wink at friends, neighbors and family members after they say "Way to go!" and "We knew you could do it!" even though some of these people are the same ones who thought you'd never make it.

Create your account. This will get your capture page ready for you to advertise. It will have your own unique username that you will choose. For example: http://www.fastcapturepages/USERNAME

Then Pay one time admin fee of $17 USD, afterwards pay the one time membership fee of $100 USD. (2 payments total) = $117

Congratulations! Your account is now active! You can utilize any of the 68+ Capture Pages to market any product or service you choose.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: This product has a strict no refund policy. If this purchase may cause you financial hardship, please do not order. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Earning Disclaimer: As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and therefore we cannot guarantee anyone that they will earn money. Every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential and any claims made of actual earnings are examples only and will not apply to every individual or the average purchaser. This, as anything, will require dedication, desire and motivation and any income potential will be dependent upon skill, business experience, background and expertise. We can guarantee no one that profits, or commissions will be made.

Attention Affiliates! As an added bonuses, when you purchase Fast Capture Pages you are automatically included into our affiliate program where you can refer others to Fast Capture Pages and earn a commission on each sale. ... and just think, everyone needs a Capture Page. Start earning commissions today. During our limited time promotion of the special above, our affiliates earn the entire membership fee of $100 on each sale. Get paid direct and daily.



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